Welcome to the Dinosaur Recreation WikiEdit

This wiki contains information about the possibility of cloning non-avian dinosaurs. While it is indeed true that DNA cannot be found in dinosaur fossils, it is possible to find proteins. By looking at the protein code, the DNA code can be deduced. This wiki has various articles concerning the subject, such as books, specimens and people. You can add to this wiki as well by adding and editing pages. However, there are rules here.

  • General Wikia rules apply. This means no pornography, hate material, pedophilia or other obscene content.
  • No vandalism. Any vandals on this wiki will be permanently banned. Trust me I used to be a Wikia vandal, and I know what it's like to be blocked.
  • Any extraordinary claims will require reliable sources. This is a serious, scientific wiki concerning the possiblity of recreating dinosaurs, and adding deliberately false info will not be tolerated.
  • Certain sources should not be used. This includes creationist websites, pseudoscience websites and amateur YouTube videos.

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