"Leonardo" is a Brachylophosaurus specimen discovered in 2001. It is famous for being the most complete dinosaur fossil so far discovered. The dinosaur was a teenager that died around 76 million years ago.


Proteins have been discovered inside the fossil. It is known that this is not bacterial contamination, since the proteins samples contain diverse structures that biofilm cannot produce (Source 1).

Collagen, type |, alpha 2: Amino acid sequence (Source 2):

     1 gsngepgsag ppgpaglrgl pgesgavgpa gppgsr

Collagen, type |, alpha 1: Amino acid sequence (Source 3):

      1 gatgapgiag apgfpgargp sgpqgpsgap gpkgvqgppg pqgprgltgp igppgpagap
     61 gdkgeagpsg ppgptgargs agppgatgfp gaagrgetgp agpagppgpa gar





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